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Revision Bariatric Surgery; When Is The Best Time To Consider It?

Chronic obesity has become a threat to the survival of the human race, particularly in the US. Although we have the research, the knowledge and the facts supporting the evidence that sedentary lifestyle is disastrous for our lives, we still see the graph elevating when it comes to weight gain. At Houston Weight Loss center, our expert Dr. Wadiwala suggests that over the course of life, many people might still find it hard to maintain despite undergoing a bariatric process in their past.

Just a reminder that if after your first bariatric procedure, you don’t achieve your weight goals, or you experience digestive issues, revision bariatric surgery is always an option. Dr. Wadiwala suggests that following indications must be carefully observed and patients should immediately contact a certified surgeon.

Previous Lap-Band surgery complications

It is not quite common to have a serious and persistent digestive issue after a bariatric procedure but if you had a lap band surgery in the past and acid reflux or vomiting is not going away, you should consult a bariatric expert.

It usually happens when a lap band loosen up or slips out, and studies also suggest that patients facing such troubles can either gain their weight back or fail to achieve their goals due to such issues. This is why, a revision surgery is most of the times more than necessary in such situations.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Acid Refluxes

Since a sleeve is used to reduce the size of the stomach up to 80% smaller even, it can cause acid reflux. And if patients fail to eliminate it through diet and a healthy lifestyle, chances are, they will require a revision bariatric surgery.

Sometimes a sleeve isn’t adjusted in the right way, in such an instant, a bariatric surgeon can resleeve your stomach to minimize the acid reflux or he can turn it into gastric bypass surgery if he finds it more appropriate for you. A bypass surgery will not only help you with acid reflux but will also help you lose weight more efficiently.

Rule Out Other Factors

It is quite mandatory to understand that a bariatric surgery is not meant to help you lose weight permanently, it’s an aid to help you develop a healthy and active lifestyle. So if you see that you are not losing weight and you think that it’s time to opt for a revision surgery, you must check out your physical activity and diet habits.

Know Your Options

Dr. Wadiwala believes that as a patient, you must be aware of your options. If a bariatric surgery didn’t go well but you are still committed to making healthy changes in your life, revision weight-loss surgeries can really help.

If you want to know whether you are a candidate for revision surgery or worried about your chronic health issues, you can talk to us and we can plan a suitable treatment that’s tailored specifically to your weight loss goals and current health conditions.

We offer free bariatric consultation, so if you have any doubts or queries, make a call and book your free consultation today!


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