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Laparoscopic Surgery


Laparoscopic surgery has successfully replaced open surgery as the preferred treatment option for procedures such as bariatric surgery, gallbladder removal, appendectomies, hernia repairs and multiple other surgical procedures. In fact, this surgery can now be performed as an outpatient operation in most cases. The treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease is now carried out using minimally invasive techniques. Laparoscopic fundoplication offers the advantage of faster recovery and quicker return to oral ingestion of food. Laparoscopic surgery for weight loss has caught on in a big way as well.  Laparoscopy has advanced sufficiently to the extent that it can be repeated for a patient who has undergone previous laparoscopic and open operations. However, care needs to be taken so that organs do not get injured, to prevent this there will be 5 incisions in most cases and one of the incisions may be larger than the others. There may also have to be different entry technique that may have to be used. The risk-to-benefit ratio of laparoscopic surgery is improving continuously in favor of benefits.

Using advanced laparoscopic procedures, Dr. Wadiwala can perform many complex surgeries with minimal incisions, scarring, and patient recovery time. Laparoscopic surgery makes use of a laparoscope – a thin, flexible tube with a miniature camera on the end – and slender operating instruments inserted through several small incisions of approximately one-half inch or less. The camera transmits an image of the organs of the abdomen onto a television monitor, allowing the surgeon to see and operate without the need for a large open incision. Laparoscopic surgery was first developed and used for gynecological procedures and gallbladder surgery. Its use has since been expanded to include multiple types of abdominal surgeries that previously required large incisions and extensive hospital stays. Not only does laparoscopic surgery decrease the size of the incision but it also decreases the patients' recovery time and length of hospital stay. 

We work closely with each patient to explore surgical options and determine whether that person is a good candidate for laparoscopic surgery. In most cases, laparoscopic surgery is the best option. If you would like to learn more about our minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, please call us at (281) 653-6544 or email us at



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