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If you’ve regained weight after weight loss surgery, don’t lose hope. At Houston Weight Loss in Houston, Texas, board-certified bariatric surgeon Irfan Wadiwala, DO, offers laparoscopic revision bariatric surgery to give you a second chance at a healthy life. Revision bariatric surgery focuses on shrinking your stomach size to support healthy weight loss following an unsuccessful gastric bypass, Lap-Band®, or other types of bariatric surgery. Call Houston Weight Loss for your FREE consultation or book an appointment online today to learn more about the second chance you can get through revision bariatric surgery.

Revision Bariatric Surgery Q&A

What is revision bariatric surgery?

Revision bariatric surgery is a procedure to address weight gain following a previous bariatric surgery. One of the most common reasons for a second bariatric surgery is that you didn’t follow through with your diet and exercise plan after your first procedure.

While your initial surgery might have reduced the size of your stomach, continual overeating can stretch out the sleeve or pouch. This stretching means you need to eat more to feel full and, in turn, you start gaining weight again.

Some people start altering their new diet and lifestyle following stressful events, such as major changes in finances and relationships in their life.

At Houston Weight Loss, the skilled bariatric surgeons understand that you might feel defeated and hopeless because of your weight gain after surgery. However, they offer a second chance at a healthy life through their revision bariatric surgery services.

What’s involved in revision bariatric surgery?

Revision bariatric surgery involves a minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedure to shrink the size of your stomach.

The Houston Weight Loss procedures use high-tech, laparoscopic surgical procedures to revise your previous surgery without causing unnecessary harm to your body.

The providers can also perform revision bariatric surgery following an unsuccessful Lap-Band procedure. They can instead use gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy techniques to improve your chances for weight loss success if the Lap-Band isn’t working well for you.

What can I expect after revision bariatric surgery?

Following your revision bariatric surgery, it’s absolutely crucial to maintain realistic expectations about your future weight loss.


Because you had difficulties managing portion control and making necessary diet changes after your first surgery, it’s important that you change your mindset and understand that everyday temptations don’t get easier. You may need to simply adjust your daily routine to help maintain realistic goals. 


The providers at Houston Weight Loss offer supportive resources and routine health checks to ensure you stay on track and have what you need to achieve your weight loss goals. They work with you on a long-term plan for a healthy diet and exercise program to keep you physically active and able to maintain your weight loss results. If you are on the fence regarding revision surgery call our office and speak to our on-staff dietitian. 


To find out if you’re a candidate for revision bariatric surgery, call Houston Weight Loss or book a consultation online today.