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Lap-Band® surgery can help you reach a healthy body weight, with many people experiencing 65% of their weight loss goals in just the first year. At Houston Weight Loss a fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon Irfan Wadiwala, DO, offers laparoscopic Lap-Band surgery to get you started on a healthier, happier lifestyle. Find out if the approach is right for you by calling Houston Weight Loss or by booking an appointment online today.

Lap-Band Surgery Q&A

What is Lap-Band surgery?

Lap-Band surgery is a type of weight loss procedure that reduces the size of your stomach with a specialized band. This procedure is the only laparoscopic weight loss device in the United States that has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The goal of Lap-Band surgery is to restrict how much you can eat by reducing the size of your stomach with an adjustable band to support successful weight loss. A benefit of Lap-Band surgery is that the procedure is very effective at promoting weight loss. This type of surgery is also adjustable and reversible.

Throughout your time with the Lap-Band, the Houston Weight Loss providers can adjust your band to meet your weight changes and health needs. When you no longer wish to have the Lap-Band, the bariatric surgeons can remove it.

What can I expect during Lap-Band surgery?

During Lap-Band surgery, your Houston Weight Loss surgeon uses minimally invasive surgical techniques that require only small incisions to place the band.

Through an incision in your abdomen, your surgeon places the adjustable band around the upper part of your stomach. The Lap-Band separates your stomach into two sections. The section that holds food is much smaller, so you feel full after eating less food.

Your surgeon then inflates the band with a saline solution through a small reservoir they implant under your skin. This allows your provider the opportunity to adjust the band at any time without additional surgery. They can tighten the band by adding more saline or loosen it by draining the liquids out of the reservoir.

How long does it take to recover from Lap-Band surgery?

Because the Houston Weight Loss surgeons use minimally invasive techniques during your procedure, you can expect your small incisions to heal faster than you might after open surgery.

Lap-Band surgery also doesn’t involve any changes to your digestive tract, so you should experience less pain, less complication risks, and a faster recovery than you might after other types of bariatric surgery.

Following Lap-Band surgery, you don’t need to take multiple nutritional supplements and likely will need a multivitamin only once a day.

To find out if Lap-Band surgery is right for you, call Houston Weight Loss or book an appointment online today.