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Pre-Op Protein Liquid Fast 

When does the diet start?

  • 2 weeks prior to your surgery date
  • There are no “cheat days” or “weekends off”

Why is the diet necessary?

  • Shrink the liver prior to surgery – if the diet is not followed and the liver is too large Dr. Wadiwala may postpone surgery
  • The shrinking of the liver allows more space in the stomach to allow the surgeon more room to manuver the laparoscopic camera.
  • Jumpstart weight loss – the average patient loses 10-15 pounds during this diet

What does the diet include?

  • Water – aim to drink 8 cups of water/per day
  • Low sugar protein shakes – premier protein, fair life protein, ensure max, Atkins advantage, etc.
  • Broth
  • 1% or skim milk
  • Sugar-free jello
  • Sugar-free popsicles
  • Low-sugar yogurt or greek yogurt
  • Decaf tea
  • Gatorade zero or crystal light

Post-Op Diet Stages

Stage 1: Clear Liquids (Day 1-3)


  • Water
  • Ice Chips
  • Sugar-free popsicles
  • Diluted, clear juice
  • Gatorade zero or crystal light


  • Take small, slow sips
  • avoid straws and large gulps

Stage 2: Full Liquids (Day 4-14)


  • Low-sugar protein shakes – premier protein, fair life protein, ensure max, gen pro, etc.
  • Low-sugar yogurt/greek yogurt
  • Broth or smooth soups
  • 1% or skim milk
  • Sugar-free pudding
  • Baby food
  • No sugar added fruit juice


  • Aim to consume >60g of protein/day
  • Set alarms on your phone to remind you to take sips if you are forgetting

Stage 3: Pureed/Soft Foods (Week 3-5)


  • Tender poultry and fish – may need to be pulsed in a food processor
  • Soft tofu
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Hot cereal
  • Soft/mashed fruits and vegetables
  • Mashed beans
  • Dairy – low-fat milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt


  • Aim to consume >800 calories/day
  • Eat at structured meal times to avoid “grazing”
  • Eat slowly and chew each bite until it is nearly liquid in consistency
  • Do not drink any liquids with your meals; wait 30 minutes after a meal to begin consuming liquids

Stage 4: Regular/Solid Foods (Week 6-Lifetime)


  • Lean proteins
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Healthy fats – focus on a higher intake of unsaturated fats
  • Low-fat dairy products


  • Keep carbohydrate intake to <90g/day
  • When consuming meals, eat the protein first, then vegetables and fruits, then carbohydrates
  • Avoid trigger foods that may cause dumping syndrome



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