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Dieting Vs Weight Loss Surgery; Which Is Better?

Gaining weight over the years is easy but shedding it off requires more than just a thought. Most people who are slightly or moderately overweight, can lose weight with dedication towards dieting, and can even continue to maintain it with the same habits. However, when people are obese and their weight starts affecting their health, dieting doesn’t help much. Stubborn fat accumulated overtime doesn’t go away on its own. And this is where bariatric surgeries come in. Several latest solutions are available for different types of obesities.

3 Major Types Of Bariatric Surgeries

The 3 most commonly known stomach surgeries are the following:

Gastric Band or LAP Band – Prevents overeating, easily removable, and minimally invasive procedure

Gastric Sleeve or Sleeve Gastrectomy – Removal of around 90% of the stomach, helps in hunger control and portion control

Gastric Bypass Surgery– Stomach sectioning, food flow channelling, controls hunger, overeating and helps in curing diabetes


How Bariatric Surgeries Help?

The abovementioned procedures are suggested to people who have tried diet, exercise and still couldn’t lose weight. The main function is to reduce body fat by helping the patient in limiting food intake. With these treatments, patients have no other option than to eat a limited and balanced diet.

How Much Could You Lose?

Although a certain answer to that isn’t possible as lifestyle changes require more than just a surgical treatment, yet on average with LAP Band, you can expect to lose 50 to 60% weight, with sleeve gastrectomy, around 60 to 70% and gastric bypass surgery can help you lose even up to 80%.

Are You A Candidate?

Well if you are someone who has done everything in your reach and still haven’t achieved the desired weight, you should definitely consider it. More importantly, if your obesity is affecting your health, a bariatric solution will be necessary and not just a matter of choice. To find out if you really qualify for a treatment, give us a call and book your free consultation today. Our experts will help you choose the best option in alignment with your special needs, targets and health concerns.


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